How to make a cuddly vulva

OR How I made my golden (lady)garden

Step 1 – Choose your materials

Vulvas come in all different colours and textures. Before I settled on my “golden (lady)garden” theme, I looked at pinks (there are so many different shades), flowers (it is a garden after all), and even a deep, rich blue (the midnight garden). However, I already had some shiny, slinky gold fabric that screamed sensuality and delight to me – perfect for my cuddly vulva. I used some cream, fluffy fabric, some satin, and some textured darker cloth to set the gold off beautifully and make the whole thing wonderfully tactile.

Step 2 – Choose your vulva

choose your vulva

The easiest thing to do if you’re a woman is grab a hand mirror, find some bright lighting, drop your knickers and take a good, long look at your own lady parts. If you have a pencil and paper handy you can sketch out what you see, or you can simply look and look and look until you know it off by heart. For those not fortunate enough to have their own vulva handy, you could either rope in a very close girl friend, or take a look at some of the amazing pen and ink drawings by Betty Dodson (you’ll find them in her book “Sex for One” and can also find them online).

Even if you decide not to make a cuddly vulva, I encourage all women to have a look at themselves. Vulvas come in all different shapes and sizes: short lips, long lips; shy clits, prominent clits; well-padded mounds and more athletic ones. Have a look at yours and celebrate the beauty of your own, unique and wondrous vulva.

Step 3 – Make your pattern

Now that you know about the diversity of vulvas sketch out a pattern for your cuddly one. Remember: vulvas are rarely symmetrical and there is no “ideal” vulva. Draw your pattern freehand and have fun designing the curves and shapes.

Step 4 – Cut and stitch

attaching the clit and hood

Just writing the words “cut and stitch” in relation to vulvas made me flinch. I thought about women (young girls usually) who, in some cultures, are forced to have clitorectomies – where the clitoris is surgically removed. The World Health Organisation calls female genital mutilation: “all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs whether for cultural, religious or other non-therapeutic reasons.” Sadly some women feel the need to have elective surgery to their genitals for other reasons: reconstructing the hymen to give the impression of being a virgin e.g. before marriage; altering the appearance of the labia to make them more visually “acceptable”. There is a lot more to say on this topic but I think I’ll save that for another post. Back to the golden garden…

Step 5 – Stuff

This is what makes your vulva huggable and squeezable. Don’t stuff too firmly: if you’ve made a pocket vagina you will want to leave space so that you can fit things inside: I made mine large enough to fit my whole hand in for fisting demonstrations, I also thought it would be a good space to keep magical things like crystals and maybe even a jade egg. (Note: I am talking about keeping things in my fabric, cuddly vagina not my actual real-life one!)

Step 6 – Cuddle and enjoy

Your cuddly vulva is just as unique as you are. Mine feels nice to cuddle and caress, I can use it to demonstrate a woman’s anatomy and stimulation techniques, and it makes a lovely decoration too.

Step 7 – (optional) Share

my cuddly vulva

Why not share your experiences of making a cuddly vulva with your friends and with us here on this site? We’d love to see a photo of your finished cuddly vulva. Just send an email with photo attachment to the address on the Contact page, and please use the subject header “Cuddle” for your email. Your cuddly vulva photo will be featured on The Ladygarden Project Gallery page.

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  1. This is so funny… and a cool idea but not only am I no good at sewing I also hate it…. but I know someone who loves it and I shall be passing this onto her straight away.


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