Destination: Sexyland

Some people believe that the body is merely an envelope: a container for the spirit and soul. Our souls have been given an opportunity to experience life in a physical body – with all the sensory pleasures and pains this brings.

Your body is a gift and an opportunity. This gift (this body) is like a limited-time gift voucher: it will eventually expire. So it makes absolute sense to use the gift voucher before time runs out.

Sadly, many of us take our body for granted and abuse it through lack of care.

Some of us are dissatisfied with the gift we’ve been given and constantly want to change it or even wish we could trade it in for a different model.

Some of us are afraid to use it and deny ourselves experiences of pleasure.

And some of us ignore the body’s potential for pleasure completely, only engaging with it when we experience pain.

Sexy land

"Sexy Land" photo by John Williams

Do you give yourself permission to seek out pleasure and make the most of every day you have in your body?

Do you enjoy your body, just as it is, right now?

If you were to write an address on your body envelope, where would you want to send it to? How about addressing your envelope to “Sexyland”: a place where you can enjoy the pleasures of your physical body and use those experiences to feed your spirit and soul?

Just a thought.

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1 Comment

  1. Nikki

     /  April 3, 2012

    Thank you for this – it’s opened a door that’s been closed for too long.


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