You are one type of woman, I am another

Have you Julie Andrews in Victor Victoriaever watched the 1982 film “Victor Victoria” with Julie Andrews and James Garner?

It’s one of my all time favourites, full of questions of sexuality and sexual identity, great songs, and fantastic costumes.

Julie Andrews plays ‘Victoria’: a struggling, yet hugely talented singer in 1930s Paris. In order to make a living, she agrees to pretend to be ‘Victor’: a female impersonator.

The character played by James Garner is a tough guy, American gangster, who falls for ‘Victor’. Unwilling to believe he could possibly have a thing for another man, he challenges Victor to prove himself.

The cool, calm and collected Victor/Victoria tells him:

Your problem, Mr. Marchand, is that you‘re preoccupied with stereotypes. I think it’s as simple as you‘re one kind of man, I’m another.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Our culture is preoccupied with stereotypes. Which is why this short film Transactivations by Mae Ryan is so brilliant.

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