What’s in a name?

The Ladygarden Project.

I had the idea for The Ladygarden Project several years ago. At that time I dreamt of an online space where women could come and share their thoughts and experiences and beliefs about themselves and their sexuality. I wanted it to be a platform for women’s voices and women’s stories.

I chose the by-line: celebrating women and their sexuality because I truly want this to be a place of CELEBRATION! I likened it to the newspaper “Positive News”:

Positive News is the world’s original and leading positive newspaper. Focusing on solutions, it reports on people and initiatives that are creating a sustainable, just and fulfilling world.

Positive News aims to inform, inspire and empower its readers, while helping create a more responsible and balanced media.

Because there is already enough out there on the difficulties and sadness of women’s experiences of their sexuality, I wanted to give some balance: to talk about women’s sexuality as a glorious part of our individual lives (independent of our relationships with other people or society).

That was the big vision dream.

But you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

And so the infant Ladygarden Project was born. A place where, up until now, it is mainly my voice sharing and talking about women and sexuality. A place where, up until now, the focus has been on celebration.

As I write for The Ladygarden Project, and also my site Sexy at Any Size, I realise that I am also writing about exploration. I am exploring my sexuality and my sexual self, as well as exploring that of other women, and the context in which we are placed.

So I’ve decided to change my by-line.

The Ladygarden Project is now all about:

celebrating women and exploring sexuality

I would LOVE to have other women contribute their own experiences, insights, stories and I am actively seeking contributors. If you would like to say something about celebrating women and exploring sexuality, please get in touch via email (theladygardenproject@gmail.com) with the subject header: “Guest post offer”.

Please help The Ladygarden Project to take the next step.

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